Got questions about AcoustiCards? Perhaps we can answer them here…

Who are the folks behind AcoustiCards?

AcoustiCards is developed by Electric Whale Ltd., a company formed on the basis of years of experience with music and broadcast audio. Initial technical work was been done by Green Custard Ltd. Our graphic designer is Dan Bramall, and our lead vocalist is Sarah Ellen Hughes. Our ‘Recording Day’ video was made by Flashpoint Pictures.

What do you need to send an AcoustiCard?

To use the app you’ll need an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch (3rd generation or newer). You’ll also need an constant internet connection whilst making the Acousticard. We’ve plans to offer AcoustiCards on Android phones and on the web too.

Who can receive AcoustiCards?

Anyone, depending on how you send them. Normally you’d just send the short bit.ly link by email, Facebook, twitter, or in a text. You could also write the link in an old fashioned card if you like. Your friend follows the link, and they get a web page with our logo and the instruction ‘click me to listen’. They also get instructions for sharing the card and a link to us to find out more. No ads, no annoying animated chipmunks.

The name I need isn’t on your list. Are you planning to record more?

Some of our AcoustiCards use a name for personalisation, but if the name you’re after isn’t there, don’t despair. We’ve worked hard to make sure its still really personal, using any name you like from Archibald to Zebedee. Just preview a card with the app and have a listen. And were recording more names as we go. Just get in touch with your requests.

Do you plan to add more AcoustiCards?

We’ve loads of plans for more AcoustiCards. What would you like to hear? Let us know on our Facebook page.

I’ve lost the link to my AcoustiCard. What can I do?

All AcoustiCards are kept for at least three months after they’re made, and you can get the link again by visiting the Sent tab on the app. Download it within three months to keep it forever.

I entered my password once to download an app or to buy only one item.  Why does my iTunes bill shows multiple purchases made on the same day?

By default, Apple’s iOS allows multiple purchases inside a 15-minute window once you enter your password.  You should find sent AcoustiCards in the Sent area of the app. To avoid unintended purchases in the future, you can change your settings to require a password with every purchase.

How can I disable in-app purchases?

You can disable in-app purchases in your device’s Settings app.

My question isn’t covered here. What can I do?

Just drop us a line and we’ll do our best to help, quickly.