Why not have a listen to our sample AcoustiCards? These links take to you to a new page so you get the full AcoustiCards experience 🙂

Just Want To Say, for Birthdays, Congratulations and more

Happy Birthday To You, the traditional version personalized with a name, age and more

Celebration, Kool and the Gang’s no. 1 hit

Happy Birthday, Stevie Wonder’s famous song

Just For You, a longer, highly personalized song

Short and Sweet, a bite-sized song for birthdays and much more

Film Trailer, an advert for the film of their life. Is it a thriller or a romantic comedy?

You’re The One, a sensitive and highly personalised romantic song

Freestyle, enter your message into the Musical Mainframe and hear it sung!

Sketchomatic, add your message to our humorous sketches

Radio Jingle, they’re the DJ, with their name sung on air!